Cover statutory and third party damages arising out of premises and business operations

Public Liability (Act) Policy

After the Bhopal Gas tragedy, the Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991 was enacted to provide speedy relief to victims of disasters involving handling of hazardous substances. This cover is apt for businesses to cover their statutory liability if they handle a hazardous substance as defined under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

Public Liability- Industrial and Non Industrial

Can be extended to both manufacturing as well as non-manufacturing entities such as Hotels, Restaurants, IT companies, BPOs, Clubs, Restaurants, Cinema Halls, Offices etc. Covers legal liability for property damage/bodily injury suffered by third party as a result of normal business operations of the insured in their premises.

Customize Cover Based on Your Risk

The policy comes with the option to extend cover via add ons such as for carriage of treated effluents, Act of God Perils, Sudden and Accidental Pollution etc. At Bluearmour, we can work with you to customize a cover that works for the risks that your project is exposed to.


Who should take a Public Liability Policy ?
An indicative list of businesses is given below. This cover is applicable for you if you are owner of or managing/ operating/ handling/ involved in
a) Manufacturing & processing facilities
b) Godowns, warehouses or other storage facility
c) Construction activities
d) Maintenance and other industrial activities
e) Hotels, Motels, Club houses, restaurant, boarding & lodging house & guest house
f) Cinema Halls, auditorium, theaters, Open air theatres, Public Halls, Malls & Multiplexes
g) Office, residential, administration premises
h) Medical establishment, research institution, laboratories and airport premises excluding aviation liability
i) Schools, Education institutions and public libraries
j) Exhibition & fairs, fetes, stadiums and pandals, amusement parks
k) Any other industrial or non industrial activities.
This cover is applicable to both industrial or non- industrial risks
Are there any exclusions under a Public Liability policy ?
War, willful non compliance of any statutory provision, exposure to radioactive waste are typical exclusions under the policy. It may be noted that policy terms and conditions, premium can vary significantly across insurers for the same risk. Often, a combination of products is needed for effective risk mitigation of public liability. Blue Armour Insurance Brokers can advise you coverage terms as well as premium rates across the process.

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