Ship Owner/Charterer? Secure your third-party liability and cargo under your care, custody or control

Charterer’s Liability Insurance

A charterer is someone who takes the vessel on hire as per the charterer’s Party Agreement (does not own the vessel).A charterer can be a company that operates the vessel to carry cargo for shipment, or manufacturer’s/ traders who charter a vessel to supply goods as per contract. Risks such as damage to cargo, the vessel, third party liability, injury to the crew can be covered under this policy.

Ship Owners P&I insurance

Ship owners are exposed to second and third party contractual liability as well as statutory liability, when their vessel carries cargo, uses property at ports, oil spillage and so on. Ship Owners protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance can suitably indemnify the ship owner against these risks.


Can Charterer’s Liability Insurance be taken by the owners of the vessel?
No, Charterers Liability cover can be taken by the Charterer of the vessel for their liabilities whilst the vessel is in their care and custody. Physical damage to the vessel is covered under the Marine Hull and Machinery policy, taken by the vessel owner. The vessel must be covered under the Hull and Machinery Policy for issuing a Charterers Liability Policy.

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