Get Comprehensive Coverage for Your Vehicle

Cover Damage to the Vehicle and Third Party Liability

Third party liability cover is mandatory by law, but a comprehensive cover can protect your vehicles from a range of risks such as accident, fire, theft and so on.

Discover Customized Plans for Added Coverage

Enhance coverage with add ons like zero depreciation, roadside assist coverage, engine protect at cost effective rates. Choose your plan wisely to get access to a network of garages across the country for cashless claim settlement. In the network garage, the insurer pays the garage directly without you having to pay.

Also Cover Commercial Vehicles

Get coverage for a single vehicle owned by your organization or a fleet of vehicles under a commercial fleet insurance. Explore


When is a claim non payable under motor insurance ?

Among others, driving a vehicle without a valid license, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, usage of the vehicle for any illegal activity makes a claim non payable.

What are the factors that affect motor insurance premium ?
Make and model of the vehicle, location, age of vehicke, engine capacity are among the variables that affect motor insurance premium. The same vehicle can get a different premium and coverage terms from various insurers hence adequate comparison is required in the purchase process.

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