Protect your business from legal damages/ compensation and defence costs of third-party claims

Casualty and Commercial Lines

- Broadly, liability insurance products can be classified as below depending upon the kind of risks that they cover. The products under each segment are mentioned below

Casualty Lines: Insurance against legal damages/ compensation, legal defence costs from third party claims as a result of bodily injury or property damage from the business operations of the insured.

Financial Lines: Covers a company for legal damages / compensation, legal defence costs from third party claims as a result of actions of directors/key management personnel, acts of negligence or errors in performance of professional services, fraud by employees.

Casualty Lines
Public Liability

Covers for third party liabilities (injury/accidental death/disease/ property damage) as a result of business operations of the insured.

Product Liability

Can cover third party claims as a result of any product manufactured, sold, distributed by the insured. The liabilities can be as a result of bodily injury/accidental death/ diseases/ property damage.

Commercial General Liability

It is a combination of product and public liability, with additional extensions which makes it one of the most preferred liability insurance products globally.

Financial Lines
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

Cover for liabilities and defence costs for any civil/criminal action brought forward against directors, officers, employees for breach of duty, errors or misstatements in their managerial capacity.

Errors and Omissions/ Professional Indeminity

Covers negligent acts, errors and omissions in the performance of professional services. Specific covers also exist for certain professions, which are covered in the professions sections.

Crime/Fidelity Insurance

Covers acts of dishonesty, fraud, forgery, robbery, theft resulting from activities of employees or contractual workers.

Cyber Crime Insurance

Covers losses as a result of security/privacy breach in the insured’s computer systems that results in third party claims for unauthorized disclosure of personal information, alteration/ corruption of data.



What is meant by claims made based cover in liability insurance?
It means that if the loss is discovered in the period that the policy is in place, the the claim will be considered, if the event that caused the loss occurred anytime after the retroactive date mentioned the policy.
Usually liability policies are issued on a claims made basis, and claims can be reported upto the expiry of the policy or an extended reporting period if it is mentioned.
What is retroactive date?
The retroactive date can be before the policy start date. This simply means that the policy will cover for events that happen on or after the retroactive date. When renewing a liability insurance policy, the retroactive date needs to be kept in mind to ensure that there is no lapse in coverage.

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