A single master policy for all your commercial vehicles against accidental damages and third party claims

Cover a range of commercial vehicles under a single master policy

Passenger carrying vehicles, bus, tractor, taxi, cranes and a range of goods carrying vehicles can be covered under a single master policy. A cover which is both mandatory and useful, regardless of the fleet size; whether a small company with a single vehicle or a company with an entire fleet.

Experience Ease in Administration ….

Save yourself from the hassle of managing multiple insurance policies for different vehicles, by covering all of them under under a single policy

..With Comprehensive Coverage and Lower Costs

Insure your vehicles for both accidental damage, theft and third party liability. Since a number of vehicles are bundled under a single master policy, a bulk discount can be negotiated in premiums, leading to both lower costs and ease of administration.


When are the coverages under a commercial vehicle insurance policy?

Loss or damage to a commercial vehicle in an accident, or specific instances like fire, explosion, lightning and natural calamities. Medical expenses of an employee meeting with an accident is also covered. Also covers third party legal liability from bodily injury and property damage.

What are the conditions for claim payment?

a. The owner-driver is the registered owner of the vehicle insured

b. the owner-driver is the insured named in this policy.

c. the owner-driver holds an effective driving license, in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, at the time of the accident.

What are the commercial vehicles that can be covered?

Coverage can be extended to a wide range of commercial vehicles including: Goods and passenger carrying vehicles, Taxi, Tractor, Cranes

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