Comprehensive Coverage for Industrial Risks having overall Sum Insured more than Rs 100 Cr in one or more locations in India

Cover both Physical and Consequential Losses

The package policy covers both physical damage to the asset insured as well as consequential losses. It is an all risk product covering a wide range of perils such as fire and allied perils, accidental damage, burglary, breakdown as well as business interruption. The policy document has two sections- material damage and business interruption.

All Risk Cover with named exclusions

Limited exclusions specifically named such as war, nuclear perils, normal wear and tear, willful damage or negligence among others. All other risks are included to extend a wide coverage against unpredictable occurrences.

Customize Cover Based on Your Project

The policy comes with several add ons which can be opted for depending upon the nature of risk such as terrorism, omission to insure, escalations, fees paid to architects and surveyors, debris removal and so on. At Bluearmour, we can work with you to customize a cover that works for the risks that your project is exposed to.


What factors need to be kept in mind at the time of claim and taking the policy?

The excess amount gets deducted from the claim amount during final claim settlement. The excess amount as well as sum insured under different sections of the policy (material damage, business interruption, add on covers), policy exclusions for the same risk can vary across insurers. Often, a combination of products is needed for effective risk mitigation. Blue Armour Insurance Brokers can advise you coverage terms as well as premium rates across the process.

How is premium determined under Industrial All Risk Policy?
Typical factors affecting the premium rating are: type of risk (nature of work in the industrial unit), sum insured, location of project, add ons opted for

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