The best people deserve the best. Secure their well being with group health insurance

Customize Coverage Based on Your Organization’s needs

We can advise you on factors that need to be kept in mind to design a cover for your people and their families. Coverages can be customized based on employee designation, salary slabs, tenure and so on. Keeping in mind the policy budget and requirements, the cover can be extended to spouse, kids, parents as well as certain conditions like maternity and OPD cover.

Give your people a guaranteed coverage

Unlike individual insurance policies, group health plans do not require a prior medical check up and can also cover pre-existing ailments such as diabetes, heart conditions, blood pressure from day 1. Sub limits and copay on certain conditions which are standard clauses in an individual insurance plan can be waived off under a group health plan.

Enjoy the Benefits of Lower Cost

We help negotiate bulk discounts with insurers, while also helping you navigate policy conditions, exclusions and coverages which can vary significantly across insurers.


Group Health Insurance also have any exclusions?

Yes, it does though as a rule, group insurance offers wider coverage. Also, the exclusions vary across insurers. Some common exclusions in group health include involvements in criminal act, plastic surgery. Policy terms and conditions, premium can vary significantly across insurers for the same risk. Blue Armour Insurance Brokers can advise you coverage terms as well as premium rates across the process.

I have a small team. Can I still take group insurance for my employees?
Well Yes! depends on the number of employees that you have. Under IRDAI guidelines, the minimum number of employees needs to be 20. However, if your organization has less than 20 employees, you can still buy health insurance cover for your employees if family members are added.
Sounds really interesting, are there any measures employed to control policy costs ?
Yes, you may at your discretion tailor the policy to restrict some coverages for the entire group or a part of the group to reduce premium. Some of these may include:

a. Adding co-pay: It is a percentage of claim that is borne by the claimant. Normally ranges for 10% to 20%. This translates to lower premiums as the insurer only has to bear a lower claim cost and the sum insured is utilized by a lower amount.

b. Capping room rent: Again can be capped for the entire group or for a part of the group, but it should be kept in mind that in the event of a higher room rent utilized, the practice is to reduce the entire claim amount proportionately (and not just the room rent component)

c. Restricting certain coverage terms such as waiting period waive off, maternity benefits, disease wise sub limits and so on.

The overall demographics and expectations of the group needs to be kept in mind before employing any of the above. We can work with your team to analyze and recommend what can be done to tailor a policy that works for you.

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