Secure A Single Machine Installation or a Large Manufacturing Plant Installation with EAR Policy

Cover Your Machinery Installation Across Stages

Cover your project across storage, assembly/erecting, commissioning and testing stages. Multiple scenarios can be covered under the product: setting up a new project or individual machines, existing project expansion, re-erection/dismantling of an existing facility.

All Risk Cover with named exclusions

Limited exclusions specifically named such as war, nuclear perils, normal wear and tear, willful damage or negligence, consequential loss; among others. All other risks are included to extend a wide coverage against unpredictable occurrences.

Customize Cover Based on Your Project

The policy comes with several add ons which can be opted for depending upon the nature of project such as coverage for extended maintenance (such as 12 or 24 month period post commissioning the project), design defects, third party liability, earthquake, removal of debris, escalation of sum insured. At Bluearmour, we can work with you to customize a cover that works for the risks that your project is exposed to.


What is the significance of add ons in EAR?
Other than claims as a result of material damage and third-party liability add on covers can extend the scope of cover. For instance, cross liability can be included to include claim by a co-insured, customs duty, express freight, design defect, extended maintenance can both affect the fact if a claim is payable under the policy and the extent of damages awarded. So, it is important to understand and customize the cover for effective risk mitigation.
Who should opt for Engineering All Risk Insurance ?
Contractors, Sub Contractors and Principals of a project that involves setting up of a machinery or plant should opt for the cover. The installation typically extends across several months/ years for a large unit and stakeholders can protect themselves from financial loss during this time frame.
What is an excess under Engineering All Risk Insurance ?
The excess amount gets deducted from the claim amount during final claim settlement. Policy terms and conditions can vary across insurers.

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