Cover your office, factory, warehouse from burglary, employee dishonesty and loss of money

Burglary Insurance

Covers loss or damage to property due to theft and forcible entry, including damage to the premises. The policy can cover assets within the insured’s premises including stock at warehouse. The loss can also be from premises of the insured, if the money is kept in a strong room.

Money Insurance

Covers loss of money in transit between insured’s premises and bank/post office/named locations, due to theft, robbery and accidental causes. Also covers loss of loss of money from safe or strong room in insured’s premises

Fidelity Insurance

Covers employer for financial loss from employees dishonesty. This is covered more in detail in the employee fidelity section


What is meant by warranties under miscellaneous insurance ?

This means certain conditions that need to be fulfilled for the claim to be payable. For instance, in some cases the insurer may want the premises to be guarded 24*7 (say for burglary insurance), or cash in premises to be kept in strong room (money insurance). It may be noted that policy terms and conditions, premium can vary significantly across insurers for the same risk. Often, a combination of products is needed for effective risk mitigation. Blue Armour Insurance Brokers can advise you coverage terms as well as premium rates across the process.

What is an excess under various Asset Insurance policies ?
The excess amount gets deducted from the claim amount during final claim settlement. Policy terms and conditions can vary across insurers.

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