Freight Forwarders Insurance Policy

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  • Get coverage for physical damage to cargo.
  • Cover fines and penalties due to breach in regulations.
  • Get quotes from leading insurers such as ICICI Lombard, New India and Iffco Tokio.
  • Add-on special covers such as Third Party Liability, Errors & Omission.
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Types of Risk faced by Freight Forwarders

Cargo Damage

Legal liability arising from cargo damage during the transit, any consequential loss faced by clients due to late delivery or physical damage of goods are some of the major risk exposures faced by a freight forwarders.

Negligent Acts

Any loss incurred by clients due to negligent acts performed by freight forwarders, their agents or subcontractors invites error and omission claims. Freight forwarders are held liable to compensate for such losses.

Third Party Lawsuits

Legal liability claims may arise due to physical damage to third party’s property, bodily injury or legally recoverable consequential loss arising out of the operations of the freight forwarders.

Fines and Duty

A freight forwarder may be liable for breach of regulations or statutory non-compliance. Legal liabilities to the authorities like customs or port authorities are a threat for freight forwarders.


About Freight Forwarders Insurance

Protect the office from damage and burglary Cover for fire, earthquake, riots, flooding and similar perils. Also include theft, burglary and computer breakdown. Cover damages during the project or construction stage of a venture. Specialized insurance that caters to damage before a project is completed. Include loss of profit due to delays as well.

Insure damage to warehouses and goods stored there. Effectively insure goods and the warehouse even when there is frequent movement of material, loading and unloading of items. Cover all the company vehicles in one single insurance. Fleet insurance considerably reduces paperwork by having just one insurance policy. Gives you more negotiating power with insurers.

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