Commercial General Liability

Get several deeply researched insurance options in less than 30 seconds:

  • Cover third party bodily injury and property damage
  • Get quotes from leading insurers such as Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard, Raheja QBE, and Tata AIG
  • Includes product liability and on premises liability
  • Extensions available for personal and advertising injury liability
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Advantages of Commercial General Liability Insurance

Worldwide Cover

Commercial general liability provides worldwide cover for both territory and jurisdiction. Business operations present across the world could be covered, with the ability to defend litigation abroad

Legal Expenses

Commercial liability insurance indemnifies cost incurred to defend a claim including lawyer and consultant's fees. Policy can be issued on the basis of either Right to Defend or Duty to Defend

Customized Cover

Comprehensive general liability insurance can be tailored to suit unique requirements of the business model or a specific contractual need e.g., waiver of subrogation and additional insured clauses

Multiple Locations

A single combined general liability policy can cover multiple factories, and office premises spread across the country or globally. Certificate of Insurance can be issued for each location separately


About Commercial General Liability Insurance

Protect the office from damage and burglary Cover for fire, earthquake, riots, flooding and similar perils. Also include theft, burglary and computer breakdown. Cover damages during the project or construction stage of a venture. Specialized insurance that caters to damage before a project is completed. Include loss of profit due to delays as well.

Insure damage to warehouses and goods stored there. Effectively insure goods and the warehouse even when there is frequent movement of material, loading and unloading of items. Cover all the company vehicles in one single insurance. Fleet insurance considerably reduces paperwork by having just one insurance policy. Gives you more negotiating power with insurers.

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